Hollowraps New HW-08 High Performance 8 Micron Stretch Film

A Revolution In Pallet Wrapping

Hollowrap Ltd introduces a new high-performance HW-08 engineered stretch film that can be consistently stretched by 50%, giving 900 meters of yield from one roll. Making it is possible to wrap 21 pallets from one single roll

This makes it possible to wrap 21 pallets from one single roll.

That equates to 4,200 pallets wrapped, from one pallet (200 rolls) of Hollowrap HW-08.

You would need almost 500 rolls of conventional Stretch film and over 380 rolls of 600m long pre-stretched film hand rolls to achieve this.

Key Features Of Hollowraps New HW-08 Stretch Film

  • hw 500mm x 600m 8mu
  • Stretches 50%
  • 50% Stretch gives a roll yield of 900 metres


Technical Test Results for Hollowrap 8mu Hand Stretch – HW8 500 x 600 x 8



Available from May 2017

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