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As part of our continued effort to reduce waste in the packaging stream, and also cost to you, Hollowrap Ltd. are now offering XL bulk stacked pallets of coreless hand roll stretch film.

XL pallets contain the same high performance HollowrapTM Coreless product but instead of only holding 360 rolls they are able to hold 600 rolls of film, without exceeding the standard maximum pallet shipping sizes of 1000mm x 1200mm x 2200mm.

The XL pallet bulk stacked HollowrapTM product offers:

Coreless product, so saving around 240g of cardboard per roll, or 144kg of waste cardboard per XL pallet saved!

Bulk stacked product, removes the need for cardboard boxes, saving another 26kg of waste card board per XL pallet!

Lower per roll transport costs

Less storage space

All of which serve to Reduce the Carbon Footprint

The XL pallet also removes unnecessary pallets and maximises shipping volumes.
Which in turn lowers the cost to you per roll

You pay for 100% usable material and not the waste
Coreless Stretch Films are better for you AND the Environment

Standard 360 bulk pallets, still available if you don’t want to take advantage of the XL savings!

Background to development

Some 100 million plus rolls of hand stretch film are produced annually in Europe all of which are wound on to cores. The core is a waste component of the finished product that not only adds cost to the product but also slows down production and creates environmental issues with waste disposal after the product is used. All Standard stretch film rolls are currently wound on to cores, as until Hollowrap Ltd launched its coreless rolls no other alternative existed.

Championing the supply of ‘fit for purpose’ products HolloWrap Ltd. looked at ways of developing packaging materials that will be ever more efficient and eliminate waste in the final product – without, of course, any reduction in the end product standards.

Now HolloWrap™ is here, we believe the packaging industry has found what it is looking for.

We are convinced that our patented design made this product the first of its kind on the market and signals a new system for stretch wrapping which Hollowrap predict will become common place.

Reasons for development

•   Remove the need to dispose of – usually by landfill – some 100 million cardboard tubes per year.
•   Cut the amount of waste needing disposal by a staggering 20,000 tonnes or 9,500,000 cubic metres.
•   Reduce production costs.
•   Reduce shipping/ storage volume by 25%
•   Reduce or completely eliminate Packaging Waste Levy
•   Reduce or completely eliminate Disposal costs

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